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Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds


The majority of my accounting practice is devoted to supporting my contractor clients in obtaining, maintaining and growing their surety bonding capacities, in order to bid and perform their construction contracts. A critical part of that support is preparing financial statements for the surety which contain the specific construction industry information they’re looking for, prepared in a format recommended for a construction contractor.

When a surety evaluates whether to provide bonding to a contractor, they look at many factors, but key among them are the three C’s: capacity, character, and capital. Your surety broker will guide you in how to fulfill these requirements and I will be part of that team, to provide timely and effective presentation of your financial position to the surety.

I’ve been helping contractors with their bonding needs since 1983. If you’re an Alaskan contractor, chances are your surety broker has worked with me.

The takeaway…

If you’re thinking you may want to venture into the bonded market, or if you suspect that you’re not getting the bonding credit you qualify for because of an inappropriate or insufficient financial presentation, call me today at (907) 258-2727.